Here are some TC 2290 themed videos.

First off is the TC 2290 promotional and tutorial video produced by TC Electronic themselves. This is a really interesting vid and although the image and sound quality are dated, it truly shows the versatility of the TC 2290. I have chopped it up into eight bite-size parts to make it easier to watch.

The rest are from YouTube, etc.. Let me know if any of the links stop working, or if you spot an interesting clip to add to the list Please do not send me any actual video files, just the YouTube page link.



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TC 2290, an important tool for the mix! tc electronic 2290 / TC 2290 / TC2290 Dynamic Digital Delay [+ TC1210 & Axe-Fx ULTRA] TC Electronic 2290 Delay TC 1210 TC 2290 EVENTIDE H3000 TC Electronic 2290 Stereo Panning Delay how to insert video in html by v3.0