The TC 2290 is a classic. But don't let this conjure-up ideas of some dusty, outdated piece of equipment which has lost its sheen. Despite the existence of modern (and very capable) competitors such as the Fractal Audio Axe FX, the Eventide H8000 and Eclipse, TC's own G-Force or D-Two, or any number of computer-hosted VST plugins, the TC 2290 still holds its own.

Ignore comments which say new is better, or that vintage is better. Better is better, regardless of whether it's new or old.

Most serious musicians and producers are practical people. They want the best tool for the job and cannot afford to rely on mere nostalgia when it comes to getting the job done right. If a piece of equipment ceases to be the best, it is replaced. It speaks volumes then, that this 25 year old delay still sits in most of the world's top studios. That's on merit, not sentimentality.

What Does it do?
The TC 2990's primary function is as a delay.

But it is not just a delay unit. Other features and effects include sampling, looping, chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, expander, panner and ducker. The unit also incorporates 5 effects loops, into which can be inserted 4 mono effects pedals or processors and 1 stereo effect unit. These loops can be turned on or off via the front panel, or programmed within each patch.


A scan of the original TC 2290 brochure is available by clicking here (opens in pop-up window)


The TC 2290 cutsheet with the full list of features is available by clicking here (opens in pop-up window)



So the TC 2290 is perfect, right? No. There are a few areas where the onward march of technology has left the TC 2290 behind. For one, the MIDI implementation does not allow for continuous control messages. Most users seem happy to work around any shortcomings however, to keep that special magic that this unit imparts.

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