Two controllers were specifically designed and built by TC Electronic specifically for use with the TC 2290 - the TC 0144 and the TC 0050. They also provided instructions for building your own five function switcher. These are not MIDI pedals and connect via 1/4" jack plugs.

The TC 2290 does not respond to MIDI CC (Continuous Controller) messages. This makes it difficult to control the internal functions of an individual preset using many of the commonly available MIDI foot controllers. The only way to perform any kind of continuous control is to use SysEx, and there are only a few devices I am aware of that can do this.


The first is the TC 0144. This is the bigger of the two and has 14 footswitches. See the Downloads page to get the manual.

The footswitch is hard-wired for mains power. It can also be powered from the TC 2290 itself, via the TC Link cabling, but the manual suggests this should only be used as a temporary measure - "Getting power-backup: Using a stereo to stereo jack/jack (or the above mentioned XLR to TRS jack) cable, for the TC LINK: connection will provide you with a ‘power-backup’ from the 2290, if for some reason the main power to the TC 0144 fails." Apparently it puts a strain on the TC 2290's power transformer and the LED indicators don't light as brightly.

TC 0144 is the advanced remote foot panel needed to really benefit from the potentials of TC 2290

• fast shift between 100 preset sound combinations of:
   any setting on 2290 dynamic digital delay plus
   any of 5 rack or pedal effects plus
   any midi controllable synth’s or effects.

• easy access to all sounds through comprehensive displays and single key press preset shifts facility.

• Preset shift- or preset shift plus direct effects on/off control modes.

• 2 programmable switches for boost, mute, tap delay time, trig sample or whatever you prefer.

• reliable control connection through a standard mono jack cable. - hum & noise pickup eliminated -no audio signals pass to the remote controller.

• heavy duty metal construction for years of rugged on-the-road use.

The TC 0144 is hardwired for either 100-120 or 200-240 volts operation. Check the printing to see if
this corresponds to your needs.
If you need to change voltage, do not at temp to do so yourself, but refer to your qualified TC dealer.
The TC 0144 and the 2290 ‘talks’ over the TC LINK which allows commands (preset and effects
change) to be send from the 0144 to the 2290 as well as in the opposite direction.
The cable for the TC LINK is a simple ‘off the shelf standard jack- jack’ cable or through an XLR to
jack (microphone cable). The 0144 end of the TC LINK has both plug types. This allows a very fast
and reliable connection setup.

As an option TC 0144 can be fitted with an optional MIDI output, allowing direct MIDI preset shifts from
the TC 0144 to equipment not having a TC LINK input.


The TC 0144 Remote Control



The other controller is much more rare and has less functionality - the TC 0050 Remote Control. This has 4 remote assign footswitches and 1 LEARN / TRIG footswitch.

The TC 0050 Remote Control


A third option is to build your own Remote Switch, building instructions for which were made available by TC Electronic, available on the Downloads page. The schematic seems to replicate the functionality of the TC 0050 above, giving you the choice of building it into a different form factor, such as a small switch box.



Of course, the TC 2290 can also be used with other manufacturers' MIDI foot controllers. However, the functionality of most of them is limited to PC (Program Change) messages, which only allows you to change presets. Alas those from Voodoo Lab, CAE, etc. fall into this category.

If you want to be able to access features within a TC 2290 preset (such as tap tempo, or fx loop on/off), you will need to use SysEx (System Exclusive Messages) and only a few readily available foot controllers have this facility.

One is the RJM Mastermind GT series; very fully-featured devices with individual displays per switch and a matching pro price tag.

A cheaper option is the MX series from Voes. At a third of the price of the RJM, you lose the individual displays, bu the SysEx support is present and correct.

The Voes MX-12 Foot Controller