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A little about me:
Firstly, let me say I am not a TC 2290 expert, just a humble owner and user.

I'm a pro photographer by trade and an amateur guitarist in my spare time. That's why this website looks at the TC 2290 primarily from a guitarist point of view - as that is what I am and the area I have experience in - but most of the information is universally useful. I'm a 'gear head', spending as much time fussing over equipment and worrying about 'tone', as I do about making music. As a guitarist myself, I come at the TC 2290 from a guitar perspective, but don't let me put you off if this is not your instrument. I am well aware of the TC 2290's capabilities in the studio, on other instruments and vocals, so do please contribute anything relating to these areas of use.

I have owned two TC 2290s, one of which I still have. It has 8 seconds of memory installed, as well as the rare stereo link. Sadly, the link is of little use unless I happen to find another TC 2290 with a similar setup to hook it up with (and even then, I have heard TC reps say that this hardware was never actually activated in software).

I am a regular on a couple of gear forums, going under the name Gadget, so you can often catch me there. Check-out the Links page for more info.